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Can Nigeria Survive This Timed bomb?


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Segun Adesokan

Fresh fasts emerged this afternoon at one of Nigeria’s filling stations that the lingering crisis of scarcity of  PMS, popularly called petrol, would soon drive Nigerians to a point where hell might be let loose, anytime from now, as a frustrated guy, today, stripped himself naked  because of failure to get fuel.

This lingering crisis of unavailability of petroleum product, running into  almost six months, and still running may trigger a situation where Nigerian youths may tow the line of Tahir square, where hundreds of thousands of Egyptians took to the street in 2009, stood up to the government of the day by unanimously demanding for a resignation of their president.

While pressure continues to build up  across the length and breath in Nigeria, as a result untold hardships experienced by many Nigerians following inability to secure alternative source of energy, to power their daily living, the reaction that would follow is better imagined.

In view of this, it would not be out of place to also remind government at all levels that failure to provide succor to the teeming Nigerian populace is the biggest threat ever to National security, not Book Haram nor Niger Delta Militants.

As I speak with you right now, thousands of jobs are being lost on a daily bases. The number is also increasing by the day.

Just some few days ago, my CEO walked in and called an emergence meeting, notifying some of us his key staffs and other management staffs including me, that our rising costs of production has left him with no option than to shut down our organization till further notice.

President Muhammadu Buhari is about to set many Nigerians on an economic journey of no return, his declining goodwill lends credence to this bitter fact. I know that this submission will not go down well with some people, especially those who consider themselves as his fans. One sad thing about truth is that, truth resonates withing your subconscious mind, not minding how you feel. Your perception of me might not be good because I’ve offended your belief about Mr President. You might also be thinking whether I’m saying this because of my political leanings. Let   me shock you: as a matter of fact, I voted for Muhammadu Buhari during the last general elections where I had to travel all the way from Ilorin.

As if that was not even enough, on my way to the polling boot, I was involved in an accident, where I sustained some serious wound having fell down from a borrowed bicycle, on high speed, all in a bid to meet up with accreditation time on the election day. Bicycle was the only tool I could use to convey myself down due to restriction on vehicular movement.

The incident happened inside University of Ibadan, some few yards away from The Polytechnic Ibadan Senior Staff quarters, where I lodged in the house of a lecturer,some few days before the elections.

With my bleeding arms and legs, I managed to walk down to The University of Ibadan health center for treatment but the stumbling block was that, I was not a student nor a member of staff of the institution. Nevertheless, I was treated!

I chose to risk it all, simply because I believed in the programmes of candidate Buhari. Shortly after the treatment at UI, I still went down to my voting centre to perform my civic responsibility.

It’s now time for Mr President to fulfil his own part of the deal, by effecting what he swore to do  during his May 29 inaugural event last year, at Eagle Square.

Let me also use this opportunity to remind Mr. President about his statement in his inaugural speech concerning our missing Chibok girls when he stated that, ‘we cannot say we have won the fight against terror without safe return of the the missing girls’.

With Mr President’s experience as an  ex minster of petroleum related sector, and as the Commander in Chief of our armed forces, his usual and repeated response of buck passing to some element s as an excuse for his failures would no longer be tolerated, henceforth.

Mr. President’s inability to fix our Zero mega watts power status would no longer be tolerated!

Mr. President’s inability to fix our lingering fuel scarcity would no longer be tolerated!

Mr President’s silence and inability to call his Ak-47-carrying herdsmen, his Kinsmen who sack different communities, leaving hundreds killed and thousands would no longer be tolerated.

Mr. President’s refusal to make a bold statement with his action, over the recent massacre of over 340 members of  Shiite Islamic movement in Kaduna would no longer be tolerated. Mr. President has endorsed the barbaric and blood thirsty attitude of our military, who now constitute the leading cause of death of members of the public they swore to protect, by his sinister silence.

Finally, I will advice Buhari to take a walk through Nigerian streets to confirm all what I’ve said in this piece. He should also do himself a favour by acting fast, as a matter of national urgency, by also discarding the opinion of some his self serving aids. This is where the same kind of people deceived Goodluck Jonathan until he finally squandered his own good luck.

Buhari should also remember that, our voters card is still around the corner.

The clock is tickling, and a stitch in time saves 170

God bless Nigeria!!!!

Adesokan writes from Ibadan.


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