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First Empire Group promises to provide affordable world class homes


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Seye Joseph


The choice of where you live, what you eat and what you wear are the major essential needs that man cannot do without to cope with daily human activities of life. Most importantly, shelter plays a prominent role in the total concept of man in life at this particular time when the city of Lagos has been marked to be among the third most populous country after the city of Beijing in China and Bombay in India by the year 2035. With this growing fact, the quest for shelter has become a major phenomenon that people cannot do without.

First Empire Group, a foremost real estate firm has decided to ameliorate housing challenges in the country by providing world-class and value centric edifice in most major parts of cities in Nigeria. With its commitment and resolution, the organisation has decided to eradicate inconvenient state of livelihood of Nigerians by launching over ten homes development in less than two years.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lagos at the launch of the first phase of, ‘Alan Empire Palms Apartment’, the Group Head, Energy, Dimeji Oganla said that the organisation is capturing the property market that will impact the life of every Nigerian positively.

He explained that the first offspring of the Empire Homes initiative is the Alan Empire Palms apartment that is located at Isheri Magodo, Lagos.

“It is a 20-unit of luxury flats and 20 units of terraces duplex with facilities such as a suspended swimming pool, a central gas system, a club house in a 22 numbers of palm tree that has been nurtured for over 20 years.

“We are a one-stop shop; we would be creating opportunities for everybody, even foreigners are also open to our largesse; we would be starting projects from all levels of people. From low income earners to medium income earners to the so called flamboyant needs in the space of two years”, he said.

“We are looking at 20 terraces and 20 flats. They are not luxurious and not in any way competitive with what is obtainable in Lagos state. We are delivering value to people at very affordable price since we know about the economic situation of the country, there is no liquidity in the systems. We have been able to partner with great engineers; they will reduce the waste that occurs in our system of engineering.”

He said further that the project will be delivered between 18 – 24 months and over 10 projects will be delivered within the same period.

“We are looking at projects in Port Harcout, Abuja, Kwara, Lagos. We have about four major sites in Lagos that would start up in another 2-3 month. We are so sure that by the end of December, we would be doing four projects simultaneously.”

“Right now, Clients have started calling us to come to Kwara to replicate what we are doing in Lagos state in their own state. In another three  months, we will be launching the project in Kwara to start the Kwara State project.

On the quality of engineers that will execute the whole project, Oganla said that they are engaging an Italian engineering firm to take up the project.

“We are engaging the Italian firm that is headed by Alberto Fafuzzo, an Italian engineer to work on the project”

According to Oganla “Fafuzzo knows the systems that operate in Nigeria; they are eager and passionate to work with us to deliver values to our people”, he said.

Also speaking at the press briefing, Alberto Fafuzzo who is the Director of Projects said that what they are delivering for First Empire Group is a world class homes that will be affordable.

“It is possible to improve the qualities of buildings without affecting the cost of the projects. There are technical solutions that can be injected into buildings that will make it world class even when building a low cost housing. It is important to have a good plan and good design to go deeper the aspect from the architect to structural engineers in Nigeria”.

Fafuzzo identified spare use of building materials as the major reason why buildings collapse in most parts of the country “the current process is to check all the quality and component very well to ensure good building. The choice of materials is very important when building a home.”

“Quality is not only about material but also how you use it, getting relevant skills to execute the projects is important, project monitoring is key, even getting material is one thing executing the materials are other things,” he mentioned.

Oganla revealed further that the organisation will be expending about 20 million dollars off shore fund for the whole projects and also they will generate funds locally and from international funding.

He said that they are talking to different mortgage firms; “we are going to partner with one or two of them. We want partners that can add value as well, not just partners that will make process of obtaining loan cumbersome.”






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