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What is motivational speaker looking for in Aso Rock….


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Why a Motivational Speaker should be Nigeria’s Next President.

I don’t know about you, but Nigeria is in dire need of hope.

As our currency plummets to subterranean depths and fuel queues recur year after year, to herdsmen ravaging villages unchecked, to NEPA abi PHCN dancing disco with our electricity, to the men in black who were hired to protect us now taking bribes and arresting innocent citizens on a whim, to government officials brazenly flaunting wealth without any value add and the possibilities of two geriatric candidates who should be relics of our past who desire to rule us, sorry, lead us into the future, Nigeria is badly in need of hope.

This is why a Fela Durotoye candidacy is the much needed Viagra for our seeming national erectile dysfunction.

“What business does a “motivational speaker” have aspiring for the highest office in the nation?”

First off, dismissing a profession with contempt is an insult to the thousands who ply their honest trade, inspiring others by doing the same.

You think it’s easy to give someone hope? Try listening to the President’s January 1st speech again and see if you don’t need hope.

Would you be more comfortable if he were a doctor, lawyer or engineer? Does that mean that wisdom and skill are the exclusive preserve of those professions?

What about Linda Ikeji, AliBaba and Lasisi whose ingenuity, passion and work ethic have pioneered new industries and contributed to the national GDP?

AliBaba is a comedian by profession, and an incredibly cerebral individual (have you read his thoughts on making Nigeria the tourist capital of the world on his Instagram page ?)

He understands the business of tourism and entertainment.

Should an AliBaba candidacy into government be considered a joke because he’s not a politician?

Besides, when did politics become the exclusive preserve of politicians?

Does having a degree in political science make one a politician?

I thought politics was about sending the best people with a heart to serve the people to create and execute policies using the platform of government?

Back to Fela.

As a Business Consultant, he’s regarded as a turnaround expert. Abi, you don’t think Nigeria needs turning around? We need a total 180 degree turn.

People say “he should go and start from local government chairman”, hey wise guy, where’s your local government office; who’s your chairman? Can you recognize him on the street? SMH.

The road to your house is full of potholes, be there blaming Buhari, did you vote during the last local government elections? Your former barber is your Chairman now. Abeg, park at a corner.

You’re Nigeria’s problem.

“Senator nko”? Name the senator in charge of your constituency and tell me what they’ve done for you, except hiring people to build their mansions. Some of them don’t even have the common sense to pass a bill.

I didn’t call anybody’s name oh before I can’t go to the cinema again.

“He doesn’t have experience” You that you’re talking, when last did you ask your doctor what experience he has? Let him “chuke” you with injection. Or the pilot or Uber driver? Or were the politicians that have raped our country born with experience?

Abeg, if after 58 years of having politicians with experience and they can’t solve the problem of fuel scarcity in an oil producing country, who experience epp?

If you have 8 years experience writing an exam and you haven’t passed, should you graduate?

That’s experience without expertise.

I’d chose expertise without “experience” any day.

Let’s send all these jobless politicians home and give paper to somebody who that can pass the exam once.

And don’t mind these other ones that come out every four years to contest, as if they’re seeing their period. When they don’t get party nomination, they’ll disappear until their next cycle.

Google Mushin Makeover, Project RAISE, Deliver The Future, addVANTAGE, 10 Values of the New Nigeria, Speakers Corner, 17 Secrets of High Flying Students, National Prayer Chain and see what a private citizen has contributed to nation building over the last 13 years at his own cost.

“Err, He won’t win. He doesn’t have money” In a country where we would rather use our money and raise 26 million votes in the final week for the winner of Big Brother Naija than for the person who’s policies can change your destiny

Think about it. That’s 11 million more votes than Buhari got to become President.

See your life. Shey Efe won 25 million naira with 8 million votes; did he share his money with you?

If all 26 million of us who voted in Big Brother Naija gave Fela 5k to run for us, that’s N130 BILLION.

Show me how the politicians can compete with that.

“He doesn’t have a Godfather” You want him to be loyal to one person instead of being loyal to 191 million Nigerians abi?

If Atiku or Buhari give you hope for a New Nigeria, then vote for them.

You can’t put old wine, sorry, old politicians in a new Nigeria.

Put your money where your mouth is, behind the movement to deliver a New Nigeria That Works.

I choose hope, you can keep the change.

Sources – Facebook by Anonymous


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