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‘NCP will win all political seats come 2015’ – Tanko Yinusa


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Dr. Tanko Yinusa is the National Chairman of the late Chief Gani Fawehinmi founded party, National Conscience Party (NCP), he spoke with Seye Joseph at the South West Zonal Presentation of The Youth Agenda on Political and Inauguration of the Nigeria Youth Inter Party Civil Forum on diverse issues rocking the political scene in the country.

With the political situation in the country, would you say you are satisfied with what is happening in the country?

No I am not but there is room for improvement. What is basically knowledgeable to us is that there is collect will of the people to make improvement on the status quo that is assuring and right now political parties are struggling to survive in the terrain where politics are being monetize in such a way people cannot really go out and context election without being involved in monetary activities, that to me is something that we need to work on in such a way that political parties have a sense of belonging rather being alienated from the system.

What can you identify as impediment to the Nigeria political system?

The number one thing is winner takes all syndromes, the number two is that the political parties had been weaken deliberately in such a way that there is no funding and survival for them, the electorates themselves have been guard into a certain belief and not been pragmatic in joining other political parties, that has really affected political parties and the capacity building which we are trying to improve now and the issue of issue base politicking , people are not discussing things that concern the people, they are only thinking about themselves and issue of cross carpeting: political party leaders are now moving from party to another. In case of our own, we won election in Ekiti State but the person has moving to another political with the mandate he won with our platform. Those are the kind of things tht reduces the potency and vibrancy of political party.

If you are to advise the president now what would you tell him?

I will advise him strongly on the empowerment of the youth because they are the major leaders of our future, even though some of them are saying they are still the leaders of today. Job should be made available for them so that they will not be used for other kind of social vices in the society, there must be a way where there will be an inclusive governance, when a political party wins election with must be all inclusive so that you are not segregated from your own political party just because you are part of the government. When election has been won the next that happen is governance and every criticism that is being made by other political parties should not be taken or seen as bringing you down, but to take from the criticism and use it to build your governance for positive values. These are key areas that I think the president must show command and show interest in his leadership position.



In part of this world, people talk about illegitimate child without referring to illegitimate father, Nigerian youth have started following the paths of the elderly people in politics, and don’t you think this will create bad governance in the side of the youths?

We have left the space too long. I am from the Northern part of the country, our parents used to buy clothes for us, marry for us, get house for us and so much, all you just need to do is just to impregnate the lady but now things had changed, it now the youths that will go and look for a house, buy clothes for the wife, feed her so have left the space so long, we refused to have been part of that particular system to understudy those leaders to be able to have change their leadership style to a new leadership structure. There is a need to present something new and leaders should know that by the time they get youth involve in politics they are helping themselves. So it is important to learn three basic principles of leadership, a leadership must have large consultation when taking decision, he must ensure that when he wants peace for himself you must give the next neighbor peace and above all be not be greedy. These are some fundamental issues the youths need to deviate from existing status quo that already being set by those other leaders.

Looking at your party, it seems National Conscience Party has not been vying for major political positions in the country. What can you say about this?

That is not true, NCP has been contesting for political positions in the country, in the bye election in happened in Adamawa State. NCP is among the seven political parties contesting. We have been all over. We contested in Edo, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo. The only truth about it is that where you will not see NCP winning election is because the system has been heavily monetize to the point that when you need to pay an agent you need nothing less than five thousand naira per person and you need two, that is ten thousand naira, you can multiply that by all the polling stations in the country, that is running to millions of naira, where do we get such money from. We are really majoring our strengths now to focus our attention on the areas we think we are capable of winning when we have qualified and popular candidates.

Since the death of the founder of the party, how have you been ensuring that you continue with the legacy of Chief Gani Fawehinmi?

Late Gani Fwehinmi has taught us to be steadfast, consistent and dogged in whatever we are doing. When we took over leadership not the party, we took over on June 12, 2013 in Osun and as of today, the NCP has grown in strength, not only that we have candidate we have conducted state congresses in twenty eight states and I was there so that we can put the structure on ground. The legacy of Gani is for us to ensure that the party survives. We have been in court fighting INEC as regard the issue of registration for us not winning election though we have won in the past but still the virtue of teaching our party member at all our congresses is one of our main concerns. In NCP platform, membership form is free of charge and you don’t pay money to context election in NCP, these are some of the legacies chief has left for us.

What should Nigerians be expecting from National Conscience Party in 2015?

They should expecting a more vibrant NCP winning political seats and putting the map of NCP on the pedestal of democratic setting nationwide and we are also asking Nigerians to join NCP so that they can also win election in NCP free of charge


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