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‘Nigeria has for long been plagued by lack of right leadership’ – Momoh


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Seye Joseph


If Almighty God has ever been disappointed in human beings he created, it is not the act of terrorism that is ravaging the most nations of the earth today, not in the prevailing challenges of hunger, unemployment, corruption, nepotism, lack of infrastructure, and ill-health confronting human existence now but in how people lead themselves to create meaningful and valuable existence for themselves and others to a world that is free from all evil acts in the world.

After delivering his speech at the 7th Nigeria Leadership Initiative Christopher Kolade Symposium, the entire audience at the symposium gave him gave Mr. John Momoh, the Executive Director a laudable ovation for diagnosing leadership challenges the counter is facing and proffer sustainable solutions to address the challenges.

According to Momoh, despite all challenges of hunger, unemployment, corruption, nepotism, lack of infrastructure, and ill-health that the country is encountering, she still has somethings to cheer about.

“Consider these – We are Africa’s largest economy, the 4th largest populated country in the world, one of the continents of the world with the largest mobile phones, at over 150 million”

“Right now we are the best practice-example of an African election, and occupying many known leadership positions in the international arena, such as the African Union, ECOWAS, African Development Bank, the World Bank and Many more”, he said.

He said that the country’s history is replete with inept and corrupt leadership, exacerbated by ethnic and sectional biases.

“Leadership crises have remained the bane of Nigeria’s politics since independence in 1960 and this doesn’t imply that we’ve never had good political leaders in Nigeria. Indeed we’ve had and currently have some of the finest men and women who can make a difference. The problem has always been that they are just a few of good men and women in the company of mostly bad leaders. These good people had clear vision but could not translate them into action because of the stranglehold on them by the bad leaders”, he mentioned.

Momoh further compel the present government to know why it’s so important to groom and create opportunities for young Nigerians if the country wants to secure her future or anything to the contrary will spell doom for the country.

“Youth unemployment in Nigeria is as high as 70%.  And that means serious social, economic and political implications for the country.  Ignoring these potential problems amounts to threatening the very survival of Nigeria as a nation – as can be seen in the violence that has accompanied the recent protests by the so called indigenous people of Biafra.

Giving the opening remark, the Chief Executive Director of NLI, Mr. Yinka Oyinlola affirmed that the reason why they have been consistent in organizing the symposium for the 7th consecutive times is the need to see the country to be the best in standards around the world.

He stated that Christopher Kolade Symposium is an honour of NLI’s Founding Patron, Dr. Christopher Kolade CON, whose achievements in the public and private sectors, as well as his personal life, have set a high benchmark for outstanding citizenship.

“The intent is for the Christopher Kolade Symposium to become a major forum for healthy debate on key issues relating to public service in Nigeria, as well as a starting platform for the discussion and development of relevant practical national policies”

“With our mission to create a growing, global network of credible, accomplished community-spirited Nigerian leaders committed to taking responsibility for driving positive change in Nigeria and Nigerian communities, we found it so important to be doing this for the celebrant”

He further mentioned that strong institution with poor leadership cannot last and such example cab be seen around the world where bad system and poor countries were turned around by good people.

“Our leaders must ensure that Nigeria is governed by character drivers, value based and purposeful leaders. As a result of that we believe that when we go with the youths and sharpen their leadership capacity, hopefully at some point they will form a critical line that will drive positive change in Nigerian”, she said

Leadership is not only generational, it is transferable. We have accomplished leaders, NLI senior fellows and rising leaders, NLI fellows and these are our future leaders, associates fellow of NLI and our intend is ensure is deepen their leadership strength so that the way they lead their life, the way they will live others they can show the values we have been discussing for the past four days.

He described Dr. Kolade as a man of integrity and a man whose achievements as well as personal example have set a high benchmark for outstanding citizenship.

“He has not only excelled as a public servant with stellar accomplishments, he meritoriously and creditably served as a corporate leader, academic, and quintessential diplomat”, he described.


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