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‘Nigerian economy will grow if we stop paying lip service to paper qualification over skill acquisition’, – Ebinum, PIIT Proprietor


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Seye Joseph

The prominence of education to human beings cannot be overstated. Globally, education is considered as a human right that should be accorded to all human beings, one of the major reasons why a lot of international human right bodies consider education as a fundamental human right.

The first and perhaps the greatest challenge facing Nigeria and making it difficult for good quality education that is capable of bringing about sustainable development is over dependence on paper certificate over soft skills education. Over the years, technical education has been the major backbone that the country has been built on with much emphasis on skill acquisition.

Prime Innovation Institute of Technology, an institution that redefines higher education through provision of training that emphasizes competency of products and provisions of post-graduation support services that enable ease of academic and career development has opened a center in partnership with Aptech in Lekki to train young people in modern computer education to acquire skills that will enhance their value for living and national development.

The Chief Executive Officer of the institute, Joe Ebinum said that the idea of this kind of education is to train people who can actually use computer education skills and practice with the kind of equipment that most government institutions don’t have with the central idea to use most of the sets skills they have acquired in software and hardware engineering, networking, security, programming, and others.

Ebinum said that the institution in the past two years has trained close to 300 students while Aptech has trained about 120 people.

According to Ebinum, the Prime Innovation Institute of Technology’s partnership with Aptech is based on the value Aptech has been known for around the world. “We don’t want to be a back yard institute and that is why we have chosen Aptech to provide an affordable and qualitative education to our students. Besides Aptech is the best institution that provide IT education in the world follow by Cisco, it became Asia’s first IT education and training organisation to receive the ISO 9001:2000 quality certification for Education Support Services”, he said.

If Nigerian youths can provide a platform like Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels, he mentioned that Nigerian youths are not lazy provided if they are giving the privilege to create such platform.

“Government should wake up and do a lot of things to encourage the youths, Nigerian youths are not lady, go to nations of the world, you will see Nigerians in NASA and all agency. Most of these young I.T entrepreneurs in United States are drop out from universities but because they development themselves with government support, they found a way of contributing to their economy”, he urged.

He gave an example of Silicon Valley in San Francisco Bay Area of California where many start-ups and global technology companies like Apple, Facebook and Google started from and got financial support, scholarships, tax breaks, and grants from government.

He frowns at the over dependence of paper certification than over skill and personal development, stating that it is unfortunate that the dichotomy between university and polytechnic has not help the economy.

According to him, “the world is looking for solution providers, and not people that are carrying certificate all around. If you go to this most of telecommunications companies, you will see that most of these guys doing the jobs are from our institution.

“This country cannot grow if we continue to place emphasis on paper qualification. The people who leave here are people who have certificate that can be recognized internationally and most importantly they are solutions provider”, he said.

Ebinum want government to stop paying lip service to paper education alone and focus more on skill acquisition for the economy to grow, saying that most developed nations placed more value on skill acquisition while the emerging economy based their industries on professional skills and they start small to grow their economy unlike here where young ones are struggling with JAMB.

“If you go to all these neighbouring African countries, Togo, Benin Republic, Ghana and others, the emphasy is on skill acquisition, the plumber, electrician, bricklayers are all from these countries and the reason we have it that way is because we are not paying enough emphasis on them and that is the kind of things we want to address in out institution.

He also stated that the future expansion plan of the institution is to have a polytechnic where there will be boarding facility, recreation facilities with other ultra-modern facilities that will aid learning.


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