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The NLI Annual Awards is established to recognise and celebrate Nigerian citizens who have made outstanding contributions to the transformative change necessary for the development of Nigeria. By given these awards, NLI seeks to promote values and serve as a reminder to the younger generation of the rewards that come with inculcating good values and contributing to the development of the Nation.

The Awards will be giving to people who have dedicated time and resources to the development of Nigeria as well as exhibited values-based leadership in their sphere of life (public/private). Also, an Award will be given to our major supporting partner for their stellar contributions to building the future generation to play transformative roles in the development of Nigeria.

There will be a total of 3 awards given during the NLI Annual Gala night:

  1. NLI Lifetime Achievement AwardThis Award is to be given to Nigerian citizen who, during his/her lifetime, has made contributions of outstanding significance to the development of Nigeria. The lifetime Achievement Award is presented during the NLI Gala Night. A plaque will be presented to the individuals at the event. All expenses of the awardees will be paid.

    Criteria and Eligibility

    Nominee must be a Nigerian. There must be documented evidence that the nominee has:

    • Worked consistently and steadfastly to improve development in Nigeria over a period of at least 10 years
    • Made an outstanding contribution to good governance in Nigeria
    • Lead/inspired the advancement of good leadership by example
  2. NLI Award for Honesty and IntegrityThis Award is to be given to a Nigerian citizen who has demonstrated honesty and integrity in their society.

    Criteria and Eligibility

    • Nominee must be a Nigerian.
    • Nominee must have been known to display honesty and integrity in the workplace, homefront and other different aspects of life
    • Nominee must have letter of recommendations for integrity displayed
  3. NLI Award for Values-based leadershipThis award is to be given to a Nigerian Citizen who has displayed integrity, excellence, commitment, patriotism, justice and equity, discipline etc in the course of his/her working thereby significantly contributing to transformative change his society

    Criteria and Eligibility

    • Nominee must be a Nigerian.
    • Nominee must have made an outstanding contribution in his/her career[public or private] in Nigeria.
    • Nominee for which there is supporting evidence that what was accomplished contributed to transformative changes in the society

Nomination Criteria and Process of Selection

A call for nominations will be sent out within the NLI Network which comprises NLI Associates, NLI Fellows and Friends of NLI. The nominations will be collated by NLI Staff. A scorecard will be developed to select the best 5 finalists. A panel will then be selected to pick the best 3 who will be awarded after going through a thorough verification process by the panel of judges.

Award Plaques will be given to the winners of the award. The names will be broadcasted in the dailies and on NLI social media platforms.

Only completed nominations will be considered by the judges. This includes

  • Completion of the award nomination form
  • Citation stating the accomplishments that makes the nominee deserving of the award
  • Nominees curriculum vitae listing educational background, positions held, awards, honours, and activities
  • 2 letters of reference [from nominees place of work, or people they have associated with]

Nomination Deadlines

Award Deadline
NLI Life time Achievement Award November 10
NLI Award for Honesty and Integrity November 10
NLI Award for Values-based Leadership November 10


Call for Nominations: August 29, 2013

Deadlines for Nominations: November 10, 2013

Selection of Awardees: November 15, 2013

Criteria for Judges

The Judges will be:

  • Senior Fellows and Associates
  • People who previously have been a part of a panel to judge.
  • Judges will have at least five years of experience in their fields
  • Judges will declare any conflict of interest afore hand
  • Judges should be able to identify the benefits of the Nominees’ actions in Nigeria.
  • The judges should be able to state what is outstanding about the Nominees selected.


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