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Reno Omokri, Sanusi and Boko Haram


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reno omokri
Reading through the news, I came across news about President Jonathan’s Special Assistant on New Media, Pastor Reno Omokri. Obviously he had been ‘implicated’ in the ‘allegations’ ‘attempting’ to link ousted CBN Governor Mallam Sanusi with the Boko Haram sect. He authored a document under the name “Wendell Simlin”. After reading through the reactions to the revealed document, I was surprised that all we are crying over is that Reno should be removed, he has committed crime, etc; nobody is saying the ‘allegations’ should be looked into.
Look, I don’t hate Mallam Sanusi as a person despite the fact that my stand when he was suspended was ‘controversial’, but there are some things that must be taken serious. I support the call for Reno’s removal because I don’t support people who hide behind anonymity to reveal truths, but we must never refuse to investigate his message. There is just one question I have, Are Reno Omokri’s allegations wrong?SLS
Here are some truths we know:
1) There was a religious riot in Kano.
2) Gideon Akaluka was beheaded and his head was paraded around the streets of Kano.
3) The security agencies fingered some religious fanatics as being the instigators of the riot.
4) Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was indicted as one of those religious fanatics that instigated the religious riot.
5) Seven of the indicted were summarily executed by Gen. Sani Abacha.
6) Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was not executed because some northern leaders pleaded for his life since he is a Kano Prince (the grandson of Emir Sanusi who was deposed by the Premier of Northern Nigeria and the Sardauna of Sokoto);
7) Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was incarcerated for about two years at the Sokoto Prison.
Reno Omokri may have erred, he claims to be a pastor and speaks the truth to his Church members at Mind of Christ Christian Center in California and Abuja, yet at 40, he still finds it difficult to speak his mind to Nigerians. If at age 40, you still don’t have balls to speak your mind, then you’re never going to have it. As for allegations against Mallam Sanusi, while I do not say that it is true that he is a Boko Haram sympathiser, issues must be examined critically.
First, beliefs, principles don’t get eroded no matter how long you suppress them. Mallam Sanusi had once been an extremist enough to be implicated in religious crisis, has he let go of the beliefs and convictions that drove his actions then? Has he severed ties with people who once shared the same ideology with him?
Look, we are dealing with a dangerous sect here, all allegations must be looked into. Mallam Sanusi was once a man with extremist ideas who was bold enough to instigate people to ‘kill in God’s name’, has he stopped being an extremist? Changing your regalia from Jalamia to Suit doesn’t mean your beliefs have changed. What I know is that Mallam Sanusi must be investigated. You can all troop behind him and support him and even claim he’s being witch-hunted, hell! you can even come after me and take me to the cleaners, but every time another school is attacked, every time innocent lives are cut short, the truth you refuse to see now because of blind patriotism will continue to hunt you.
God bless Nigerians!
James Ogunjimi
Ogun State, Nigeria
February 2014.
Follow me on Twitter: @hullerj; Google +: James Ogunjimi; Email:


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